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Fighting Revenge Porn With New Images

In an e-mail, Holten stresses to me that though sharing these pictures is the route she took, she isn't telling other victims to do the same.

Fighting Revenge Porn With New Images

Danish-Swedish feminist debater, lecturer, online humans rights activist and editor Emma Holten Nude Leaked Fappening Someone stole naked photos of Emma Holten and posted on the web in 2011.

Emma Holten Replies To Nude Photo Leak Along With Consensual Photos.

I felt no one was talking about that angle, people were just talking to 55 year old sociologists about selfie culture.

Celeb Emma Holten Nude Leaked Fappening 30 Photos Video

Why do you think that is? [When I took the pictures with Cecilie], for the first time in a long time I felt, This can go whatever way it goes, but at least I decided it for myself.

Emma Holten nude fappening photos leaked

She was scared of what might come up in a simple Google search of her name.

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Click on the green button at the end of the preview to watch the full video for free! We need you to say, very clearly, you do not condone this behaviour.

Celeb Emma Holten Nude Leaked Fappening 30 Photos Video

How do you deal with the "attention whore" reaction? Here are the Emma Holten nude pictures that were leaked! The photos and the video are available on! Personlige data som kan bli brukt• This is about feeling a rush of power from having a person's life in your hands.

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But we also have here the Emma Holten porn video! Last of all: rein in your curiosity! People violated me, why weren't we talking about that? I had become one of the thousands, hundreds of thousands, of girls thrown into the porn industry against their will.

Danish Activist Emma Holten Is Sharing Nude Photos To Combat Revenge Porn

In general people are reacting well, I think.

Danish Journalist Emma Holten Nude Leaked Uncensored Pics !

How did you move past that? You told me in an e-mail that you're not telling other women to go out there to do the same thing—do you have any advice for other victims of revenge porn? " Emma has become an activist for speaking out on the effects of revenge porn and empowering people everywhere along the way.