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Table Topics Competition questions

The 1st part is meaningless to the answer, but allows the contestant a brief moment to settle down and focus, and the question is easily answerable.

Table Topics Questions

Do you think people throw money at problems or are they just wasting money in attempts to improve their life ie buying expensive sports cars, Boats, etc• How would you feel about that? What food does everyone love but you hate? In the future, I look forward to lying in the grass and enjoying the sun while not caring if it is mowed or not.

My Favorite Table Topics Question for Toastmasters' Meeting

Now I'm starting to wonder what fruit those juices came from.

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If someone gave you 1 million dollars and told you to create a charity and give it all away in one year.

Table Topics Questions

Pull an object out of a bag: What is the sentimentality of this object? What toy did you hate most as a child? You basically have 2 minutes to form your answer.

What is a Good Topic for a Table Topics Talk?

do you prepare a certain topic and then adapt it to the topic on the night? These principles of fairness are why Table Topics contestants come into the room one at a time; none of them gets to hear the question ahead of time, or gets more preparation time than any other.

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What is a Good Topic for a Table Topics Talk?

Many folks I know have a preplanned anecdote they feel they can fit into any question, but I've yet to see it work.

How to Write Table Topics Questions — Toastmasters 90210

What was the worst job you ever had and how did you end up leaving it? Which field or occupation and why? Questions That Are Specific To The Person Being Called Upon• The key is to keep the topic from becoming a mini speech that requires someone with a photographic memory to recall all the details in order to give a coherent sounding answer.