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A Promise To My Wife, Wife Poems

It is a great feeling when she tells you how cute you are.

Anniversary Poems for Wife

It will be half human and half alien, I'm scared of what it will look like.

I Love You Poems for Wife: Poems for Her

I think about you every minute.

A Promise To My Wife, Wife Poems

I am on the way with you and therefore I love you.

Without You, Wife Poems

Out of the works Of my every day Not a reproach But a song.

Poem About Being Lost Without Wife, Missing My Wife

— Tyler Knott Gregson Habitation Marriage is not A house, or even a tent It is before that, and colder: The edge of the forest, the edge of the desert The unpainted stairs At the back, where we squat Outdoors, eating popcorn Where painfully and with wonder At having survived this far We are learning to make fire — Margaret Atwood Our Souls Are Mirrors god must have kneaded you and i from the same dough rolled us out as one on the baking sheet must have suddenly realized how unfair it was to put that much magic in one person and sadly split that dough in two how else is it that when i look in the mirror i am looking at you when you breathe my own lungs fill with air that we just met but we have known each other our whole lives if we were not made as one to begin with — Rupi Kaur Which of these love poems for your wife stood out to you? , at her childhood cabin; it's been too painful for my daughters and her parents till this point.

A Promise To My Wife, Wife Poems

You are my wife: The strength of my manhood, The custodian of my sanity.

My Wife, My Lover, and Best Friend

3: You are an amazing woman: The flesh of my flesh, The bone of my bone.

I Love You Poems for Wife: Poems for Her

We recommend reading the I love you poems for her below and choosing one that really speaks to you, one that puts words to what you already feel.

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We hope you have enjoyed this collection of sweet, famous, cute, beautiful and romantic love poems for her! I still wonder how it happened, That you somehow fell for me, A simple little nothing guy, Got such an angel to marry! My love for you is understanding and passionate.