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150 Dirty, Sexy 'Would You Rather' Questions for Couples and More

What do you think of threesomes? Which animal would you like to ride on at least once in your lifetime? If you attended college where did you attend and what did you major in? Or do you want to keep the flame going in your relationship and could use some creative ideas? Would you rather go on a fancy date or chill date? Would you rather cry every time you have sex or never be able to orgasm? If you had a million dollars, what would you do with it? Do you want to know what color of panties I have on now? Would you rather kiss someone who always wears lots of lip gloss or who always has chapped lips? Would you rather kiss me all day or tease me all day? Would you rather burp every time you kiss someone or orgasm every time you kiss someone even on the cheek? What would you like to do more of in bed? You could do this in form of a game and dare him to answer all the questions.

29 Sex Questions

Do you like to kiss during sex? A mutual friend flirts with you; would you tell me? Do you like it when I shave or leave it hairy down there? Would you rather never have oral sex again or never have penetrative sex again? Have you joined the mile high club? Would you rather have me send you nudes in the morning or at night? You are the yin to my yang.

150 Dirty, Sexy 'Would You Rather' Questions for Couples and More

Be honest with your partner while answering these questions.

90 sex 'would you rather' questions to ask your partner or friends

Do you prefer to take control or be submissive? So luckily for you, we've compiled a list of 30 dirty questions to make communicating with your partner just a little bit easier.

Sexual Questions To Ask A Guy To Turn Him On

Knowing the right spots to hit.

150 Dirty, Sexy 'Would You Rather' Questions for Couples and More

What would you change about yourself? Board games are so much fun when you have to lie to people.

20 Sexy Date Night Questions

How important is religion in your life? Would you rather spank your partner or be spanked? Do you think you could take off my underwear with no hands? If you could have sex anywhere in the world, where would it be? Would you rather kiss a coworker or friend? What's does your perfect weekend look like? What was the weirdest question a date has asked you and how did you respond? If you could be the richest person in the world, what would you do with your money? The first item on my bucket list is the bucket.

100+ Fun Relationship Questions for Couples

What type of porn do you like to watch? Are you loud or quiet during sex? What physical action or gesture do you find romantic? What song do you think of when you think of me? How would define the "perfect" relationship? How many people have you slept with? Would you rather touch me or be touched right now? , PhD, resident sexologist at explains it perfectly: "Communication is not only a form of seduction, but a precursor that lays the foundation for more meaningful, fulfilling, and pleasurable sex.

90 sex 'would you rather' questions to ask your partner or friends

Would you rather eat chicken nuggets or mozzarella sticks in bed? Make him talk more about his likes not his dislikes.

54 Sexy, Flirty Questions to Ask a Partner

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